Modelling of parts in CAD software

Modelling of parts in CAD software

This is an image of the side view of the recycling dispenser in Autodesk Inventor. Each and every piece was designed to fit each other perfectly. Once everything was made, we assembled all the parts in one file, and added movement constraints so that it would simulate real mechanical movements.

Arian Fallahpour

Entrepreneur and Computer Engineer

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My Skills


The elementary markup language of the internet. It is used to structure elements on the webpage.


React is a javascript library developed by Facebook and made available to the public. It makes front end development much easier and faster.


A javascript framework that enables many pre-installed features such as server-side rendering, lazy image loading that speed up development, while also making your website incredibly fast.


Cascading slide sheets, a language used to style HTML elements and give websites a nice feeling.


A javascript runtime that can do things similar to other well known languages such as Java, Python, C, and more. It is a fast, easy and reliable way to program the backend of a website.

Autodesk inventor logo

autodesk inventor

A CAD software used to model objects and test them in a virtual environment which would later be fabricated in real life.


This is the programming language that can be read on every browser. It is responsible for enabling interactivity to websites.


A fast and intuitive database service that many big companies use and are looking for when it comes to a potential employee.


Cover image of Recycling Dispenser project

Recycling Dispenser

The highlights of this project were modelling the dispenser and gears to get the mechanism working, assembling the parts, then uploading the code to the robot so that it works properly!

Cover image of Ultrasonic Cane project

Ultrasonic Cane

Me and my team of brilliant engineers designed a can that would detect objects above it so that people who are blind don't run into objects that are overhanging.

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